Choosing Steroid Cycles To Meet Your Goals

The anabolic steroids help to increase the amount of protein in the cells and thus enhance muscle building in the human body. Whether you choose to use steroids to increase strength or for cosmetic reasons, you should consider several factors.

How go Get Steroids into the Body

You can find steroids as pills, injectable forms or as topical medications. Many users prefer the pill form in order to avoid needles. However; there are some limitations to the use of oral steroids due to the potential damage some steroids cause to the liver when taken orally.

Injectable steroids require use of hypodermic needles. They work best when injected directly into the muscle. Common injection sites include the glutes or thighs. However, if you inject large volumes of steroids, you might consider other injection sites, such as the deltoids, pecs, biceps, or triceps. Having a large number of injection sites allows you to rotate the muscles you use and reduce scaring.

Steroid creams and patches are another possibility, but with topical medications, only about 10 percent of the compound actually makes its way into the muscle.

The Best Steroid Cycles for Beginners

A steroid cycles is the amount of time you use the compound. Most of the time, cycles last from four to fourteen weeks. The cycle is likely to include several weeks of taking one or more steroids, followed by a postcycle recovery. Because these compounds cause your body to produce less natural testosterone, the recovery time is essential for allowing the endocrine system to begin producing the hormone again naturally.

The Testosterone Cycle

Testosterone causes rapid gains in both strength and muscle mass. Typically, testosterone users follow a 15-week cycle with this injectable. The cycle includes 12 weeks of injections, followed by a two-week rest period and then three weeks of post cycle therapy.

Injectable testosterone is dissolved in an oily liquid called an ester. The ester you choose for this injectable determines the time delay of it moving into the cells. Propionate ester allows testosterone to move quickly into the cells, but causes soreness at the injection site. Most beginners should avoid the propionate ester and choose testosterone dissolved in the enanthate ester instead. While it is slower to move to the muscle, you are less likely to experience pain at the injection site.

Testosterone users can experience side effects, including aggressiveness, water retention, oily skin, and development of breast tissue. If the side effects become problematic, stop using the testosterone and counteract its side effects with Nolvedex or Proviron.


The Dianabol cycle includes five weeks of taking the oral drug daily followed by three weeks of post cycle therapy. It is a good choice for beginners who are not yet ready to step up to injections. It can have some of the same side effects as testosterone, and the cycle is shorter to prevent its toxic effects to the liver.

Winsterol follows the same cycle as dianabol; however, it has fewer side effects and is less likely to cause water retention or the development of breast tissue. Winsterol is popular for cutting cycles as it helps to reduce body fat while increasing muscle strength. However, it is less effective if your goal is building muscle mass, unless you choose to stack it with another drug. Winsterol is available as an injectable liquid or in tablets for oral use.