The Top Anabolic Steroids And Steroid Cycle

Not all anabolic steroids are created equal. Many bodybuilders only take the strongest ones. Here’s information about the top anabolic steroids, what steroid cycles are and what are the best ones.

Top Anabolic Steroids

There are many powerful steroids, but there are three that really stand out of the crowd. Those three are:

1. Dianabol- Dianabol, often called D-bol, is popular among beginners and experienced people alike. D-bol is what people take to pack on muscle mass fast. Most people take it as part of a bulking cycle or bulking stack. However, D-bol is toxic to the liver and this is in part because it is taken orally and not injected.

2. Winstrol- This is a cutting steroid and it doesn’t help you bulk up as much as other anabolics. This is because it helps people get shredded fast. It doesn’t cause water retention and it by the end of a four week cycle, a user can expect extreme results.

3. Decadurabolin- This anabolic is simply called Deca in bodybuilding circles. It is a versatile steroid and can be taken either to bulk up, maintain or to get cut. It can be stacked with virtually any steroids. It main effects are increased strength, muscle mass and improvement in endurance and stamina.

It’s important to note that all of the above steroids increase strength, mass (to an extent with Winnie), energy levels and endurance, as well as stamina. Some are just better at doing those things. Also, Winnstrol, Deca and D-bol are considered beginner-friendly steroids, but they do work very well for seasoned steroid users. It’s important to not overdo it with the dosage amounts because side effects may occur much sooner rather than later.

The Best Steroid Cycles

The most poplar cycles are 4-8 week cycles of the above steroids. Some people alternative between a bulking steroid and cutting steroid. For example, a person may bulk up for eight weeks using D-bol and then they will take a week off before doing a cycle of Winstrol for 4-8 weeks.

It’s important to note that cycles can be very dangerous and can cause issues with your heart. Other side effects include developing breasts (in men), acne, baldness and increased aggression. Mood swings are common and when you stop a cycle of roids, you can expect to lose whatever results you gotten within a few short weeks. In other words, they are not worth taking.

What Are Steroid Cycles

To put it simple, a cycle is the length of time you use a steroid for. If you decide to use Winstrol for four weeks, then this is a four week cycle. If you use it for eight weeks, then that is an eight week cycle. Cycles can last anywhere from four weeks up to sixteen weeks. The duration really depends on what the user’s goals are and whether or not they have experience with using steroids.

Generally speaking, the newer a person is, the short the cycle will be. The more experience they have with cycles, the longer their cycles will be, but usually they never exceed sixteen weeks.

No matter how mild a steroid is, it can be harmful. It also doesn’t matter how short a cycle is. If you’re serious about transforming your body, then do yourself a favor and use legal steroids instead of real anabolic cycles.